Important Notice

It is due to several grievances received from General Public about Vulgarity in Water Park among Ladies, Gents & Teenagers.
Funcity Management has decided to operate Water Park for Ladies and teenagers only on Tuesday & Wednesday of every week. Gents are strictly not allowed on these ladies dedicated days.
All ladies and teenger girls are not allowed to enter in the swimmimg pools except their dedicated days.

We appreaciate your cooperation in making funcity safe for all.
Thanks & Regards,
Funcity Management

Taarifa Muhimu

Kutokana na malalamiko tuliyo yapokea kutoka kwa jamii kuhusu uvunjifu wa maadili katika kivutio cha Maji kwa Wanawake, Wanaume na Vijana. Usimamizi wa Funcity umeamua kufanya maamuzi ya kuruhusu wanawake na vijana kuingia kwenye kivutio cha maji siku ya jumanne na jumatano ya kila wiki pekee. Wanaume hawataruhusiwa kabisa kuingia kwenye maji siku hizi zilizo tengwa kwa wanawake. Wanawake wote na wasichana hawataruhusiwa kuingia katika maji isipokuwa siku zilizotengwa kwao tu.

Tunashukuru kwa ushirikiano wenu katika kuifanya Funcity iwe mahali salama wakati wote.
Usimamizi wa Funcity

Park policies:

Before going to visit the Funcity-water & theme park, it is advisable to read and understand the park policies to avoid any possible confusion or inconvenience. All our invaluable guests/visitors are requested to abide by the park policies in letter and spirit.

Availability of park attraction:

Please note that all park attractions are subject to availability. Attractions may be closed, or closed temporarily, for electrical storms, heavy rain, high wind, staffing, maintenance, or otherwise stated. Attractions will re-open as soon as safe operations can be assured. Refunds, return tickets, ticket exchanges, and/or compensation for closed attractions will NOT be offered. 


ALL guests age 2 and older require an admission ticket for entrance to the park.

No Refunds. No Exchanges. Tickets, if lost or stolen, will not be replaced, nor will the purchase price be refunded. Admission to certain rides, 12D cinema, special events, and/or exclusive entry rights inside the park may require an additional charge, or be subject to pre-sold admission or restrain from the entry. Violation of park rules or applicable local, state, or federal law will result in expulsion without refund.

Refund in heavy rains

In the event of rain, FUNCITY, Water & Theme Park rides and attractions will remain open. If there is heavy rain, severe weather or lightning in the area, rides may not be able to operate. In the event weather conditions cause all rides and attractions to close for a continuous 2 hours, the park management may decide to close the park for the day. The park will not offer refunds.

 Photography Disclaimer

By purchasing a ticket and entering FUNCITY, Water & theme Park, all patrons grant FUNCITY Water & theme Park the right to film, video, and/or photograph the ticket/Season Pass bearer on park property, for memoir purposes (non-commercial purposes), without payment or consideration thereof.

Companion Policy

Water park

Children 14 years of age and under must be accompanied by a supervising companion who is at least 21 years old or above with swimming ability.

Theme Park

Minors under 14 years old must be accompanied by a responsible adult (21+).

All In-Park Purchases

Please be prepared to show valid personal identification on all purchases (tickets, food, retail, etc.) in case you have a composite day pass. 

Announcements & Messages

Personal paging of any kind is not available. If you become separated from your group, lost some personal effect or looking for your companions, you may leave a message for them at Lost & Found. We also recommend locating the nearest team member for assistance.


  • Guests must dress appropriately for a family environment. Any clothing that can be considered vulgar, offensive, or gang related will not be allowed. Park admission may be denied if clothing is deemed to be inappropriate by management.
  • For the health and safety of our guests: shirts and pants/shorts are REQUIRED on ALL theme park attractions (amusement rides). Please note that while shoes are not allowed in pools, or on water slides, shoes are required to be worn on all attractions beyond the water park. All guests will be asked to retrieve shoes that have been left in a locker or vehicle in order to ride.
  • Proper swimwear is required on ALL water attractions. Thong or G-String type swimwear is not allowed. Swimwear with metal edges are not allowed on body slides. Shoes and other footwear may not be allowed on some Water Park attractions. Swim masks may not be allowed on some water slides.
  • The costumes or clothes with ethnic, religious or politically offensive slogans will not be allowed.
  • The only flotation devices allowed inside the park are life jackets. Life jackets are available with water park supervisor in the water park. Pool toys and other inflatable objects are not allowed on any water attraction.


  • All guests are expected to behave in a family-friendly manner. Unruly, disruptive, and offensive behavior will not be tolerated. Line-jumping or place holding is prohibited. Fighting, use of force, and physical or verbal threats toward guests or team members will not be allowed. Violations will result in ejection from the park without refund.
  • Children 14 years of age or under must be accompanied by a supervising companion who is at least 21+ years old.
  • The water park timing is from 10:30-18:00, after that, it will be closed. The theme park area will remain open (if the customers want to stay) two hours after the park time.

Customer Service:

For assistance, reach out to us via email at All emails will be responded to within two business days.  In the off season, the office operates Tuesday-Saturday from 9:30am to 5:30pm. For help with an online booking, please visit our website Or call our helpline, please allow two business days to respond. If you are having trouble with online purchase or booking, please contact on our helpline.  

Food Policy:

  • Outside food and beverages are not allowed, except for the patient’s food and baby food (milk, formula, and/or baby/toddler snacks). We do allow re-entry into the park if you would like to bring such food left behind in your vehicle.
  • Guests with food allergies or special dietary needs can bring food into the park. Food should be limited to one or two single snack size items for the individual and a single 6”x7” sandwich size bag containing the food or meal for the individual. Anything larger or more than that should be left in the vehicle outside of the park. If you have questions, please contact us prior to your visit.

Guests with Disabilities

Our goal is to accommodate the needs of each of our guests to the best of our abilities. Our procedures have been developed for guest safety and comfort as we provide an entertaining experience with fair and equal treatment for each and every person who enters through our gates. For assistance with your visit, be sure to obtain a Guest Assistance Card at the Guest Relations Office. Please note that due to ride safety regulations, guests with certain limitations may not be able to ride certain ride and attractions. Be sure to view ADA guideline  online. 


Funcity Water & Theme Park has one main free parking lot for daily use ONLY. Guests are more than welcome to leave and re-enter the parking lot during their visit inside the park. Vehicles left behind after the park is closed are subject to being towed at the owner’s expense.


Barbecuing and/or grilling is NOT allowed on park property. The consumption of alcoholic beverages are strictly prohibited inside the park premises. Guests caught violating these rules will be ejected from park property with no refund.

Funcity Water & Theme Park is NOT liable for any lost or stolen property. Do not leave valuables unattended in your vehicles.

Pet Policy/Service Animals

Pets are not allowed inside the park

Restricted Areas

Guests are not permitted to enter any restricted areas. Restricted areas are marked by a sign which state “Authorized Personnel ONLY.” Personal items lost in ride areas must be reported to the ride operator and/or Lost & Found. FUNCITY Water & Theme Park will make every effort to retrieve lost articles after normal operating hours. Entering a restricted area will result in ejection from the park with no refund.

Ride Access Information

  • All riders must be in good health to ride or participate. Only you know your physical conditions or limitations. If you suspect your health could be at risk for any reason, or you could aggravate a pre-existing condition of any kind, DO NOT RIDE or PARTICIPATE! We recommend that guests who are pregnant, have high blood pressure, heart conditions, neck or back problems, have had recent surgery, are prone to motion sickness, or those with any medical condition that may be affected by the elements of the ride, refrain from riding.
  • Riders must maintain an appropriate riding posture, which may include remaining in an upright seated position, unsupported, with their hands, arms, feet, and legs inside the ride vehicle at all times.
  • Children must be supervised at all times. Guests must also be able to demonstrate a willingness and ability to comply with verbal and written ride requirements. Please review the specific ride requirements and health restrictions listed at the entrance to each ride and/or attraction. Guests unable to properly use seating and/or safety restraints or understand and follow verbal and/or written safety procedures must not ride.

Casts: Guests with casts or braces will be restricted from riding certain rides where the cast or brace may present a hazard to the guest or others. If a cast is permitted on a ride, the cast must fit comfortably within the ride vehicle, and not interfere with the required riding position or function of the restraint, if applicable. Please view our Park Accessibility Guide, or speak with a team member at Guest Relations for more information or if you are in doubt about your ability to safely experience a ride.

Ride Evacuations: Ride evacuations may be required due to technical difficulties, weather conditions, or power interruption. If a ride evacuation is required, Guests requiring assistance during the ride evacuation may be escorted last in order to expedite the evacuation process.

Larger-Framed Guests: All passenger restraint systems, including lap bars, shoulder harnesses and seat belts, must be positioned and fastened properly in order to ride. Due to restraint system requirements, guests of exceptional body proportions may not be accommodated on some of our rides. Guests may go up the exit, and speak with a team member first, to ensure the restraints function properly prior to waiting in line.

Height Requirements: Height requirements are posted at each ride. All guests, including those using wheelchairs, must meet the height requirement in order to ride.

Loose Articles:

  • When visiting the park, we recommend only carrying items that can be safely secured in pockets or a waist pack. Most rides cannot accommodate loose articles such as cell phones, pagers, cameras, stuffed animals, purses, backpacks, balls, umbrellas, beverage containers, personal entertainment devices, hats, etc. Items must be safely secured left in a locker, or left with a non-rider. Team Members cannot be responsible for these items. FUNCITY Water & Theme Park is not responsible for any lost, stolen, or damaged items.
  • Line jumping, including saving a place in line or leaving the line and attempting to return to that same position in line, is not allowed.

Camera Policy:

For safety reasons, picture taking is not permitted on ANY ride or attractions. Because of the nature or dynamics of most attractions and the potential for injury, cameras are not permitted on any ride or attraction. To store such equipment, either return them to your vehicle or with non-rider in your group. Use the lockers that are available for a nominal fee. Team Members cannot hold cameras for guests.

Water Safety and Good Hygiene:

Shower before entering pools and other Water Park attractions. Do not use pools or Water Park attractions if you are ill with diarrhea or have been within the last two weeks. Do not swallow the pool water. Children who are not toilet- trained must wear swim diapers when in pools or other Water Park attractions. Use the changing tables provided in or near restrooms for changing children’s diapers. Do not change diapers near pools or on pool decks and deck chairs. No running or diving.

Security Checkpoint:

Your safety is our priority at Funcity Water & Theme Park. In order to ensure all guests have a safe and memorable day, guests are required to cooperate with the security staff prior to entering the park. Inappropriate items should be left at home, or secured in vehicles. Inappropriate items include, but are not limited to, food and beverages (except unopened bottles of water and dietary restriction needs), pets, knives, firearms, explosive devices, fireworks, or weapons of any kind, glass, roller skates, skate boards, bicycles, or Segways, snorkels, swim fins, and external speakers. Large umbrellas, tents and pop-ups are not allowed in the park. Only small umbrellas will be permitted. This is a DRUG FREE park.

Smoking Policy:

  • For the health and safety of all guests, Funcity Water & Theme Park has a restricted SMOKING policy.
  • Cigarettes and/or vape pens may be used in the isolated place or in parking lot.

Water Park Tubes

Funcity Water & Theme Park has complimentary tubes available for guests to use at each water attraction.  Additionally, the park offers tube rentals for guests who wish to save time in line. Rental tubes can be used on the Wave Pool, Xyclone slide, 50 meter slides etc. There is a weight limit for ALL tubes – please check with the pool supervisor before use.

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